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Speech Therapy

At CarDon communities, we provide comprehensive speech therapy services that can help our residents who may have illnesses or conditions that are impacting their ability to swallow or communicate effectively.

Our experienced and caring speech therapists are specially trained to assess many conditions and provide a wide variety of treatment therapies that address a range of issues. Therapists conduct a thorough evaluation of each individual to determine the swallowing disorder or language impairment that needs to be addressed and the course of treatment and therapies that will best serve the person’s unique needs.

Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia). The goal of dysphagia therapy is most often to help the individual learn to swallow more safely and effectively. Speech therapists assess the person’s swallowing function and develop a treatment plan to increase swallowing safety and satisfaction. The therapy often involves learning exercises and new positions or strategies to improve specific swallowing functions, monitoring the therapy, and making adjustments as needed to address improvements and changes.

Speech/Language Impairments. Therapies for individuals whose language abilities are impaired may focus on processing auditory cues, organizing or recalling information, developing strategies to record information to aid memory, and/or addressing underlying physical or mental concerns to improve speech and communications.

The enjoyment and social connectedness of eating, drinking and communicating with others are vital aspects of our daily lives that impact overall health and well-being. It is the mission of each CarDon speech therapist to ensure our residents continue to be communicative, productive, socially active members of their communities.