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Case Managers

Advocates for complex cases

Our experienced case managers facilitate the achievement of your wellness and autonomy as they help you access the resources and specific care services you need. Always focused on the big picture, our dedicated case managers work to streamline communication and provide you with the information you need to navigate various levels of care.

The health care system can be extremely complex. Our case managers will help you identify your goals, needs, and available resources so we can work as a team to formulate a plan ultimately designed to return you to your maximum abilities and quality of life. Based on your needs and values, the case manager will link you with appropriate providers and resources throughout the continuum of health services and care settings, ensuring that the care is safe, effective, timely, and client-centered.

This approach allows for direct communication between you and your team: the case manager, the payer, the primary care provider, and other service professionals.

CarDon’s case managers can also help you navigate complex financial issues related to private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other payment plans.

Our case managers examine every detail to help you make the best decisions and receive the best possible care.