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Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapists at each of our CarDon communities are committed to helping each resident perform their normal daily tasks with the greatest ease and comfort possible.

Our occupational therapists thoroughly assess each individual to develop a specialized treatment plan. Therapeutic care focuses on improving the functional abilities needed to participate in a variety of activities including strength and dexterity, coordination, dressing, cooking, eating, memory improvement, cognitive behavioral therapy, and problem solving. Our occupational therapists also work with each person to assess potential hazards in their home environment that could contribute to falls or other accidents.

It is the goal of each of these outstanding occupational therapists to ensure
people achieve the greatest functional outcomes that will continue to promote their health and well-being and minimize injury or disability. Every member of our occupational therapy staff is dedicated to helping each resident reach the highest level of independence and productivity to achieve their life goals.

Sometimes the simplest tasks bring the greatest satisfaction.