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Get to know Lillian Gwynn

Lillian Gwynn

Lillian Gwynn is a charming wife, mother, and nurse whose presence can send a feeling of delight towards anyone she’s near. She’s 90 years old and living a long and happy life. She was born and raised alongside one sister and three brothers in Anderson, Indiana. She graduated from Anderson High School in 1943 and married Paul with whom she had two sons and a daughter, Paul Jr., Robert, and Diane. Lillian worked as an LPN for over 30 years in St. Petersburg at the Bayfront Medical Center and Paul served in the Navy.

Lillian spent the majority of her life taking care of others. She has a warm nature and a child like optimism that could benefit anyone throughout their healing process. She loves animals and she enjoys taking time to sit and watch the squirrels playing because they’re so nutty. She feels it’s a special treat when visitors bring their pets in to the community. She also enjoys Bingo and playing card games with the friends she’s made at Countryside Health and Living Community.

Lillian came to Countryside Health and Living Community looking for a home away from home and that’s exactly what she’s found. The staff and residents have taken her in as a part of their family and she appreciates having such wonderful people in her life. She’s incredibly thankful for her decision to move and she loves the new life she’s created. There’s always something to do and the excitement she feels when a big outing is approaching brings her happiness. When thinking about the positive improvements living at Countryside Health and Living Community has had on her life she said, “I’m surprised I never realized moving could be so impactful.” Countryside Health and Living Community is an excellent provider of short term rehabilitation and long term care. They’re located in Anderson, Indiana and part of the CarDon family of care.