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Barb Baker

Look up the word feisty in the dictionary and there is a good chance one of the definitions will be Barb Baker. Barb is a long term skilled care resident at Countryside Health and Living Community in Anderson, In. Barb was born in Livingston TN and when she graduated high school, at the age of 15, she moved to Anderson to help care for the two boys of her aunt. Barb married and raised 3 children in Anderson.

Barb got “bad sick” about 8 years and came to Countryside for recovery, and she has been here ever since. “It’s the best place I could be,” she said, “They got me straightened out quick,”  Barb continued, “I try to be as independent as I can be. I want to do as much as I can for myself.”

Barb is “precious” to those around her. “She is precious to us, said Barb Waggoner Activity Director at Countryside Health and Living Community. “She is as sharp and smart as she is feisty and witty.” Barb is also known as the Yahtzee queen. “Yahtzee is my favorite, Barb said, “I don’t use the cup, you gotta warm the dice in your hands, and blow on them for luck.” “I have gotten more Yahtzee’s than anyone here.” “I am the Yahtzee Queen!”

Barb is thankful for the care she has received at Countryside. “I love everyone here, she said with a smile, “these are people I couldn’t do without.”

Everyone in the Countryside family is “precious” in their own way. Each resident receives compassionate care and the opportunities to thrive. For more information on Countryside Health and Living Community call us at 765-649-4558 or stop in for a visit at 205 Marine Drive, Anderson IN.